Featured Product – Blackrock SF02 Chukka Boot

July 05, 2018

Featured Product – Blackrock SF02 Chukka Boot

Today I want to talk about the very best-selling boot we’ve ever had at PPE Work solutions, The Blackrock SF02 Chukka Safety Boots! So why is it so blinkin popular? It’s got to be the price right! Well the answer is a resounding yes, at £11.99* a pair this is a very low price for safety footwear. But there’s more to this boot than just price as we will see.

The more cynical amongst you may be thinking that price is an indicator of poor quality. This time the answer is a resounding NO! There are several reasons why these boots have a low price point. One of the main reasons been that distributors purchase these in very large quantities which drives the manufacturing price down which they then pass onto retailers like ourselves.

So what features does the Blackrock Chukka come with? For a start they come with a steel toe cap and a steel midsole. Well obviously, it’s a safety boot you may be thinking, but when purchasing chukkas from some other brands they may not automatically come with the midsole protection, only the steel toe cap. This is important for all you construction workers as steel midsoles are compulsory on UK building sites!

You may be thinking that the uppers are made from a cheaper man-made material, nope its leather all the way amigo! Let’s move onto the soles, you may be surprised to hear that these have the highest-level slip resistant (SRC). On top of this you get a padded tongue and ankle support, a scuff cap to prolong life, shock absorber soles for those on their feet for long periods and a removable insole to aid in comfort.

So, as you see this boot packs a mighty punch, but don’t just take my word for it.

Customer Reviews:

“Comfortable enough with thick work socks. They were a great price and have kept my toes unsmooshed while lugging lumps of concrete and rocks around.”

“I needed these boots to complete a course in a factory setting for safety. Quite comfortable, I am a size 6 and wear thick walking socks with these. In the freezing Warehouse, my feet were warm and comfortable. I think they are leather, not the most beautiful boot, but not the ugliest either, and I’ve been known to put them on for the school run! Great in the snow too with fantastic grips, and really easy to lace up.”

“Fed up spending roughly £30 on boots for them to fall apart in 4-8 weeks. Decided to take a gamble on these cheap boots. To be honest I can see no difference between these and the £30 boots I normally buy. Been wearing them for about a week now with no problems. I ordered my usual size 11 and they fitted perfectly.”

Thank you for taking the time to read our post on the Blackrock SF02. We hold a large stock ready for immediate dispatch, so if you need a pair for yourself or your buying for your company this chukka safety boot is a sure-fire winner.

*Price correct 05/07/2018

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