The Calm after the Storm (erm... Snow)

March 10, 2018

The Calm after the Storm (erm... Snow)

Business as Usual

The last week was an amazing show of Mother Natures strength, the “Beast from the East” payed a visit disrupting the whole nation and generally make things unpleasant for many us. But as always, the weather quickly changed, and the Beast disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. Even before the weekend was over, many business’s and households were preparing for the week ahead.

As life returned to normal here at PWS we noticed an incredible surge in online sales across all our categories with a huge number of wellingtons, waterproof boots and the ever-popular Blackrock rigger boot selling out! We also witnessed the continued increase of paint brush sales and accessories as is always the case at this time of year. International business is on the increase particularly with Europe and local sales have never been stronger here at PWS.


As the good honest working people began to realise there was to be no “Snow day” on Monday we dressed for the day ahead and in many cases a layer lighter. Kettle switches are flicked up and down the country innumerable times, but what is the answer to the BIG QUESTION? “Tea or Coffee”? Well at PWS we supply a great deal of working people with PPE and workwear and we know that this is a serious and important part of the working day. After all hot drinks and hard work go together like… well… “Tea and Biscuits”. Anyway, we asked the question in a Facebookpoll. The result was 67% in favour of Tea! A confirmation of the national stats which show the British as a nation of Tea guzzlers surrounded by the coffee addicts of France, Germany and the USA.

“Fancy another Brew”?

Ireland & Malta

Here at PWS we have been exporting work clothing and PPE to the World since our beginnings around 10 years ago and we are very proud of our international efforts. We have a strong customer base in Europe, with many of our regular customers based in Ireland and (you may be surprised to know) also in Malta. We assisted a new customer from the beautiful Isle of Malta this week shipping to him a consignment of Hi Vis Clothing, Work Boots and some seriously cool Delta-Plus Hi vis bump caps. We were able to offer international shipping at favourable rates plus a discount for a bulk purchase and all easily paid for by international credit card. As always, we are keen to establish new relationships with all customers across all borders.

Painting and Decorating

It may come as no surprise to some of our readers that painting and decorating supplies are an integral part of our catalogue. If you scan our social media feeds on Twitterand Facebook you will find plenty of links to painting tutorials, adverts for our latest roller frames and links to our partners in the painting and decorating world. We take the view that painting and decorating is a skilled profession with good decorators spending many years learning their trade at college and then perfecting their skills for countless hours after. We have a lot of respect for those who make this journey and bring brightness to homes and households. We will be continuing our efforts supporting and making valuable connections with this admirable industry. If you’re a Painter and Decorator and wish to join the conversation just follow us on twitter.


If you need help with work wear, PPE or decorating supplies send us an email: or give us a call on: 01246 268649 or buy directly:

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