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3 Practical (and value for money!) bags for work

January 10, 2021 3 min read

3 Practical (and value for money!) bags for work

Have you got a backpack? I’m guessing so. Who doesn’t. Whether it’s one you use every day, or it’s been festering in the bottom of a cupboard for a couple of years I’m guessing you have a bag somewhere in the house.

I’ve been reading a few blogs lately about stylish bags and why you must have one that looks the cat’s whiskers, that's going to make you stand out from the crowd and give you kudos among all your work pals and so on. That’s all great but then I noticed the prices of some of these so called “Stylish Bags for work” £300 pounds for one, another was £219 and a third was a whopping £460. Not exactly cheap right and probably not great value either. Unless your name ends in Trump or Branson I’m guessing this might be quite a stretch just for a backpack.

Then I got to thinking what gives you real value for money when it comes to a bag. Now don’t get me wrong here I like my backpack to look good, but it’s also doing a job. It’s carrying important pieces of kit, maybe a change of clothes for a gym trip or documents for a presentation. Nobody carries an empty bag for fashion, well I hope not anyway. So, styles all good, but for me it’s more important that its doing its job. Functionality and substance is the key. Here’s my list of top 3 bags that offer substance and functionality.





Qd985 Tokyo Convertible Bag


This bag is a winner, not only is it a backpack, it also doubles up as a mini holdall with a handle down the side, great for when your moving very short distances. It comes with 4 distinct storage zipped areas with one been compatible for laptops up to 17 Inch. An internal organiser comes in handy for storing pens and notepads. The back panel is padded giving a very comfortable fit.





BG815 Rool top Rucksack


This one’s going to come in very handy in the UK climate, we are no strangers to a deluge of rain or two. The fabric is a fully waterproof tarp which feels nice to the touch and will keep all your belongings bone dry. It features a unique roll top closure to stop any water ingress from the top. There is a stash pocket down one side, great for phones, spare change and anything you need to be easily accessible. Padded shoulder straps make this super comfortable for extended trips.





bg138 silver reflective bagbase


If your travelling early in the morning or you leave the office late at night walking through busy city streets, this bag is going to be just the ticket for you. A reflective finish that is easily seen in low light conditions. The bag is covered in a powdered coating that lights up for enhanced visibility. It’s ultra-lightweight at just 485 grams and comes with a handy external pocket and padded straps for additional comfort!


So, there you have it 3 backpacks that are ideal for commuting to and from work, have some great features and function and don’t cost the earth. Oh, and I think they look pretty “stylish” too 😊

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