The Beast from the East

March 03, 2018

The Beast from the East

An Extraordinary Week

An Incredible week has just passed as we head into possibly another turbulent one. Weather and talking about the weather is a national obsession here in our wonderful Isles. This week was the week the “Beast from the East” came to visit, and it set the nation alight with conversation about this extreme weather event. In our home town of Chesterfield, the first ever visit of the Giant Observation Wheel is in full swing with many of the townsfolk enjoying a spin, fitting it in whilst shopping and partaking in afternoon tea. And here at PWS we dealt with a surge of orders for winter work wear and accessories, plus the challenge of missed collections and late deliveries.

Amidst all the furore PWS has continued taking online and telephone orders whilst working hard to make sure every customer receives their goods despite the disruption. It has been a difficult challenge and many of the anticipated timescales for delivery have been affected, but we wish to ensure all our customers we have done our best under the circumstances and orders will arrive albeit late. We also announced the winner of our prize draw for a timely winter bomber jacket on our Facebookpage and we concluded our successful Dickies workwear ‘10% off’ Sale on our new website.

Chesterfield Spire and Observation Wheel

Amber to Red

The first weather warnings began hitting the headlines a week ago, with the Met office preparing the nation with possible dire consequences in the coming days as a huge weather event was passing over eastern Europe and heading west. This immense and scary cold front was dubbed “the beast from the east” and it was getting bigger and colder as it headed for our shores. The first warning that was issued was Amber closely followed by Red (threat to life!). Much advice began to be doled out by influencers and experts on keeping safe during the coming onslaught of freezing temperatures and inclement weather.

To many parts of the country it didn’t feel real, a sort of “quiet before the storm” hung in the air. When the first snows fell in our area there was a fun feeling in the air… hats, scarfs and gloves were donned as schools closed. In streets and parks across the county families dug out their sledges and enjoyed the opportunity for some playtime.

The Beast from The east weather system

The Beast Arrives

On Wednesday the 28th of February the Beast from the East arrived! Schools shut, and many businesses were forced to close due to difficulties faced by staff travelling to work. The nation was now in the grip of the beast, news reports and social media threads compelled people to stay in doors and avoid taking unnecessary road trips unless vital. Much of the country was on shutdown, and it was the first time in recent memory that I can remember having missed collections and deliveries for a day or two as even the admirable courier companies could not make it through to collect or deliver parcels. Despite this many carried on and several lovely snowmen appeared on lawns and in back gardens, including our very own at PWS.

Snowman adverse weather apologies

Open as Usual

The 1st of March officially the 1st day of Spring (meteorologically speaking) arrived and it was an extremely happy day here at PWS. The Beast had arrived on the last day of winter, but he was dealt with swiftly as the nation strapped on the old work boots grabbed their shovels and did battle with him. Although many of us were still in lockdown we did what we always do in such situations… we put the kettle on and had a cup of tea. Unfortunately for many children World book day was cancelled; many head teachers are frantically attempting to re-arrange this day, so children can show off their costumes of their favourite literary characters. On the lighter side of life PWS discovered people carrying dogs in special back packs on their backs so they didn’t have to trudge through the snow, we learnt about an invention that can quickly turn the wheels on your car into tracks and I won a mug on twitter! thank you MagnumDecorating

If you need help with work wear for the next time the Beast from the East pays us a visit just drop us an email: or give us a call on: 01246 268649 or buy directly:

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