Univet Italian Designed Safety Glasses Land in the UK

June 21, 2018 2 min read

Univet at PPE Work Solutions PWS

The Italians are coming!

There is a new player on the safety glasses block and she stands on the white cliffs of Dover looking down at blighty ready to unleash flair, passion, style and functionality of the Italian variety. Univet as landed on the Uks shores and from where I’m standing it looks rather good!

It was in Rezzato, Brescia that this modern brand emerged. A commune renowned for its marble working since the 15th century.

In 1997 Armando Portesi founded the company. Initially they concentrated on the Italian market of safety and laser eyewear but by the mid-2000s they cast their glance further afield and opened an office in Germany.

Fast forward to 2008 and they released the award winning X-Generation series. A line of safety glasses and goggles that focused not only on safety but on appearance, design and style.  In 2015 they won a prestigious red dot award for the 6X3 next generation safety goggles with detachable face shield. Nearly 2000 applicants from 56 countries participate in these awards and the 6X3 bagged the international prize!

The brand has steadily been making a name for itself globally with a presence in the USA, Canada and Brazil, and now its attention is on the UK. We are proud to stock Univet here at PWS and we wanted to showcase some of the best they have to offer:

Univet 6X3 Safety Goggles & Detachable Face Mask
6X3 goggle was designed with the intention of combining a higher level of protection and an innovative style. The panorama lens gives an unrivalled field of vision while the detachable face shield protects the nose and mouth.
Univet 5X7 Safety Over Spectacles
If you wear prescription glasses it can sometimes be difficult finding a pair of safety specs that don’t look like they were made for school kids in the 1970s! Not anymore, check out these stylish 5X7 Overpecs.
Univet 5X3 Safety Glasses
Take a look at the 5X3. This spec come with exclusive floating lens technology. This innovation means that no matter the geometry of your face, you can get these to sit perfectly.



Vanguard stands for coatings applied to a selection of Univets eyewear. These coatings overwhelmingly exceed the tests prescribed by EN166. Due to their exceptional features the lenses never fog up and never reach the saturation point.


vanguard plus


Vanguard plus is a coating to ensure both scratch-proof and anti-fog proof on both sides of the lens. This comes with K and N certification. The anti-fog capability is five times higher than industry norms and abrasion resistance is twice the EN166 standard.




vanguard udc

Vanguard UDC is a separate and double coating. Anti-fog is applied on the lens inner and anti-scratch on the lens outer. The outstanding performance comes with K and N certification.





So if you have a need for some protective eyewear with a dash of style and winning design look no further than Univet.


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