Career Wear whats in Our Closet?

January 23, 2023

Career Wear whats in Our Closet?

At PPE Work Solutions we have been hard at work, just like you! I am sure you are aware that we support workers on building sites, factories and laboratories, providing tough work clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). But did you also know we have career clothing and office work wear too? From Light Blue Pilot shirts for the professional to smart/casual trousers for dress down Friday. We stock a wide range of dress and formal wear including brands such as Kustom Kit and Uneek.

couple in career wear clothing

Looking the Part

The days have long gone when working in an office meant… a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Office environments are practically fashion environments in many commercial, retail and finance sectors and we for one love this trend. Wearing bright colours in the office can really perk up your day, stimulate interesting conversation with your colleagues and make a great impression on your clients.


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Sealing the Deal

Whether your office is cool and casual, or more simple and smart you'll easily find the workwear what you need right here, at PWS. If you come across to your clients and business targets as upbeat and ready for action you are much more likely to win the bid or seal the deal, if you are working face to face you wouldn’t want to jeopardise this outcome. So, having a great upbeat look too is essential to helping your next deal run smoothly.

What do we have in the closet?

Look at our great range of shirts:

And what about a nice new office bag or travel case:

 So please consider us the next time you’re shopping for some smart on-trend office work clothing, and if you need any advice or help as always don’t hesitate to contact us



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