Get Ready With Our Winter Clothing Collection

November 05, 2018 2 min read

Winter Clothing

Time to pull your head out from the sand, stop hiding under your duvet and face the sad undeniable fact that winter time is once more upon us. The first frosts are appearing for the early risers and if reports from the weather men are to be believed it could be a tough winter ahead. So, the question is are you prepared?

Have you dug out the big winter jacket from last year? Can you even find your woolly hat and thermal gloves? Have you got your thick work socks washed and ready to go? If you answered yes to the above, then good on you. Put your feet up and have a cup of hot chocolate.

However, if you answered No or your kit isn’t in the best of shape after previous hard winter years, now is the time to act.

These are our top five essential pieces of winter clothing you must have this year:

Woolly hat:

As a US army general once famously said “We lose half of our heat through our heads” (disclaimer: After extensive google research it turns out that this statement is a load of baloney, but who am I to get in the way of a good story! 😊).  Well in that case make sure you have a hat that’s going to keep you feeling nice and cosy. The ever-popular beanie is a must have. It stops heat escaping and can also be pulled tight over the ears to stop the chill biting on your tabs.

A few of the very best hats we have to offer:

Winter Beanie Hat worn by woman  Men Winter Beanie  Beechfield Blizzard Beanie   Womens Winter Bobble Hat

Thermal Socks:

If you’re like me the first place you start to feel the cold is in the feet. I can’t think of anything worse than when out on a walk or at work than having cold feet! Luckily there is a tonne of socks designed to keep those pinkies feeling toastie warm even on the most trying of days.

These will certainly keep the smile on your face:

Blackrock Thermal Socks  Lee Cooper Thermal Winter Socks

Thermal Gloves:

The extremities feel the cold first, so its always a wise decision to keep your hands as warm as possible. We have thinsulate lined, sports tech softshell and woolly polar options available.

Look at these paw pleasing winter warmers:

Winter Thermal Gloves  Blackrock Heat Range Gloves

The Big Winter Jacket:

Keeping the upper body / core warm is vital. All the internal organs are in this area and its essential that you take extra measures to keep them snug and warm. There is a great host of options available including softshell jackets, anoraks and fleece lined parkas that will do the job. You can also grab winter coats that are waterproof or water-resistant too.

Some top picks:

Uneek Waterproof Winter Coat  Regatta Coat

Bodywarmer or do you say Gilet (oh la la!):

A great intermediary when its not quite cold enough for the big jacket but its too chilly for just your sweater. We have a large selection from lightweight through to heavy thermal options:

Here are some of the best:

Result Bodywarmer  Uneek Gilet

Thanks for reading. Stay Safe, Stay WARM!

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