Our Five Point Personal Protective Equipment When Working On Site

September 11, 2023

Our Five Point Personal Protective Equipment When Working On Site

A Guest Blog Post by K Design & Build

We believe it is imperative that all workers and visitors have the correct Personal Protection Equipment when on our construction sites. Below we have listed 5 of our most used PPE and a few top tips.  

Hard Hats

Head protection is an extremely important piece of personal protective equipment.  Safety helmets protect wearers on a building site from a wide variation of hazards and risks which involve possible injury to a person’s head. Building firms should always minimise the risk of an injury by putting all the safeguards in place. If there is still a risk they are required by law to provide workers and any visitors on site with a safety helmet.

Ensure your hard hat has a chin strap if you are working at height or in windy conditions. Do not use damaged head protection and make sure the hat fits the person well.  We recommend you purchase your hard hats from a reputable supplier and ensure they conform to construction safety standards.

Protective Footwear

Safety Footwear should be worn at all times on a building site if there is a risk of injury to anyone’s feet. Wearing safety footwear can protect you from many risks such as falling objects, slipping, stepping on a hazard. Carry out some research on what footwear style is best for your job to ensure it gives you the best protection. Keep in mind some contractors do not allow certain footwear on site so if you are unsure, check with the site manager or supervisor.  All safety footwear must meet the required safety standards in the UK. Another factor to consider is how slip resistant you need your footwear, the shoe or boot sole can come in many different patterns and materials. We recommend you inspect your safety boots regularly for leaks, wear and tear, dented toe and your shoe tread.

High-Visibility Clothing

The most common hi-vis clothing on our building sites are a hi-vis vest or jacket. With so many potential hazards any workers or visitors should wear hi-vis clothing to reduce the risk on an accident. People should be highly visible especially near heavy machinery or if there is low light.

Eye Protection

The eye safety hazards we regularly come into contact with are flying objects i.e. particles or wood chips, sparks from sawing or cutting and dust. There are many more hazards that could potentially harm your eyes on site such as UV rays, gases and chemicals.  All potential eye safety risks should be assessed so the appropriate protection can be arranged. Glasses, goggles, safety spectacles and face shields are just some of the items on offer to protect your face. Remember you must wear the correct type of eye protection otherwise it is extremely dangerous. Also all protective eyewear should fit your face comfortably.

Safety Gloves

We use a wide variety of safety gloves depending on what building task we are doing. It is important to protect your hands from injuries such as cuts, lacerations, punctures, chemical burns and much more. Ensure your gloves protect you from the potential hazards that could occur when carrying out the particular task.

We hope this gives you an insight into just some of PPE that’s we use on our construction sites.

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