Why Work Clothing Can Make a Big Difference

February 15, 2018 3 min read

Why Work Clothing Can Make a Big Difference

Why Work Clothing Can Make a Big Difference

Useful work clothing is important when taking on any job, it may not seem immediately obvious, but the right clothing can save time and money. Have you ever taken on a small weekend job, thinking that it will only take an hour and I’ve got all the tools I need in the boot of my car? Only to find yourself Saturday afternoon at your local DIY superstore for the second time that day. For any job to run smoothly forethought and preparation are essential… making a list of materials, checking you’ll have the right tools and mentally walking through the job before you even open the toolbox.

Wearing the right clothing should be given some thought too, what is the temperature likely to be? Is it a clean or dirty working environment? Will I need to protect my head? My hands? My feet? Asking these questions can lead to good decisions. The job will run smoother and you will feel more comfortable. You will also save time and decrease the chances of injury and stress to yourself!

How can I maintain comfort?

It may seem obvious but giving extra thought to the temperature of the environment you are going to be working in is sometimes overlooked. By considering how cold it is going to be you select the most suitable outfit. When working at low temperatures it can be a good idea to look for work clothing that has thermal properties, also wearing multiple layers can be a good choice. A thermal heat vest and thermal leggings followed by microfleece mid layer and then a fleece or quilt lined jacket can really make a difference.

Wearing a warm hat reduces the heat loss from the body via the head and helps maintain warmth throughout the body. This can make a big difference to the blood flow in the hands and feet. Every extra ounce of heat to your fingertips is a big plus. Put an extra inch between you and the ground with some solid work boots with a thick sole and a pair of thermal socks too.

How can I save time?

Opting for a pair of work trousers that has extra pockets for holding more “bits & bobs” is really going to make a difference. It means less trips to ‘this’ box and ‘that’ bucket. You can have screws handy and fittings ready with a pair of “dog eared” trousers (the ones with the big flap pockets) are great for this. Consider a toolbelt if you are carrying larger tools or drills. How about a jacket or gilet with secure breast pockets to keep the all-important mobile phone close at hand, your beloved could ring at any time asking what you would like for dinner… If you’re lucky!

What can I do to keep safe?

Keeping safe of course is a vast topic encompassing training, health & safety, employer responsibilities, risk assessment etc. But how can work clothing help? If you are required to wear personal protective equipment, then wear it. It is also advisable to wear PPE when you are not required to and partnering this with high quality work clothing is a smart move. If working in a loft or crawl space, make sure you wear a bump cap. Tough wearing trousers lessen the chances of cuts and scrapes. Wear gloves that have high EN388 safety ratings (the four numbers on the back of the glove represent this rating, the higher the numbers the better).

Does my appearance make a difference?

Professional work clothing shows thoughtfulness. Your appearance will complement your clean, well maintained tools and instil trust in your clients and colleagues. It is likely that you will be “top of mind” in the eyes of others for all the good reasons. This is turn is going to encourage future work relationships making you more in demand and ultimately growing your income and improving your lot.

This article points out a lot of the obvious, but it is sometimes worthwhile for refreshing our minds with the options that are available, hopefully it will be useful to some of the newer recruits to the world of work and will make life a little easier for them too!

If you have any questions just give us a call or ask us in the comments below.




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