Univet Vanguard Coating

Vanguard Coating Treatment for Safety Glasses

A unique treatment developed by Univet Optical Technologies, it is applied to a selection of their safety glasses and goggles to provide outstanding levels of scratch and fog resistance. Eyewear with this lens treatment overwhelmingly out performs the minimum requirements set out by EN166.

Vanguard will NEVER mist up! Vanguard will NEVER reach saturation point! The coating has permanent properties and will stay effective even after intense and prolonged periods of use in tough work conditions and also after several cleans. This treatment comes in two variations: Plus and UDC.

Vanguard Plus:

This coating treatment ensures both anti-scratch and anti-fog proof on both sides of the lens, with K and N certification guaranteed. The fog resistance is five times higher than normal and abrasion resistance is more than twice the EN166 standard. It also provides protection for eyes against harmful UV radiation.

Vanguard Plus Graphic

Vanguard UDC:

The UDC is a separate and double coating with anti-scratch on the outer and anti-mist on the inner. It offers exceptional performance and easily surpasses K and N certification. Lens using UDC are suitable for most hostile environments due to their excellent levels of abrasion resistance. It will also protect against UV radiation.

Vanguard UDC graphic
Univet infographic

Who are Univet?

Univet are an safety eyewear brand that make safety glasses and goggles, which offer the ultimate in style, design, functionality and protection. Located in Italy they lead the way in innovation and the advancement of technology. As well as the Vanguard coatings, they have produced technologies that include SoftPad (A patented terminal that allows for unrivalled levels of comfort for users) and Zero noise (Safety glasses adapted for use with ear defenders)