Univet 5X9 Ultra Lightweight Safety Goggles Vented Clear Lens

Traditional safety goggles can be somewhat cumbersome in their design. Not so with this Univet 5X9 offering. Designed in Italy it comes with a fully adjustable headband and soft inner rubber that wont chafe on your face. It is also extremely lightweight at just 44 grams (lighter than most specs!).

The integrated side shields with ventilation system will prevent steaming of the lens when in use.

This goggle as been treated with Vanguard Plus technology which ensures the highest levels of scratch and fog resistance.

  • UV380 protection
  • Conforms to EN166, EN170
  • Protection against high-speed particles - low energy (F)
  • Protection against high-speed particles at extreme temperatures (T)
  • Resistance to fogging of oculars (N)
  • Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K)

The Lens: CLEAR POLYCARBONATE - The clear vision lens.

  • Protects against impacts and UV radiations
  • Can be used for prolonged periods as it does not create distortion or fatigue
  • No colour distortion
  • Applications: Mechanical work in good visibility conditions

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