Baseball Cap Hard Hat

January 16, 2023

Group of baseball cap hard hats in a row


The baseball cap hard hat or bump cap has been around for a number of years now and it is an essential piece of kit for numerous trades and industries. Designed to protect your head from bumps and scrapes, it is the best friend of work men and women who have to traverse through tight spaces and areas with low doorways or services such as cable trays, ducting and piping which run along walls and below ceilings.

So what is a bump cap? Essentially it is a regular looking hat in a baseball style, however on the inner there is a frame with a protective plate to protect your skull. This insert is usually made from a hardened plastic such as polycarbonate or LDPE (low density polyethylene). They will often come with a breathable fabric and air holes to help keep you nice and cool (perfect for the guys up in the boiler rooms).


baseball cap hard hat inner shell view Reverse image of bump cap


When should you wear one and not a hard hat?  Essentially the main difference between the two is the hazard you will encounter in your work area. If there is a threat of falling objects then you must wear a regular safety helmet. If the risks are static items that you are likely to collide with i.e. low doorway, rsj’s, boiler rooms with services then a bump cap would be more appropriate. They are also tested for protection against sharp and pointed objects. Bump caps are regulated by the European standard EN812.

Can I wear them on a UK site? Generally the answer would be no. Almost all UK building sites have a hard hat as a mandatory PPE requirement. That been said, if you are a finishing trade where there is no risk of items falling on you from overhead then you may be able to negotiate with individual sites to see if it would be applicable to wear one in these areas. A full risk assessment and method statements would have to be carried out and approved.


Work man wearing head protection on building site


How to maintain? Visually inspect your hat before commencing work and on a regular basis throughout your work day. Clean dirt and debris with a mild soap and warm water. Don’t use any harsh chemicals, especially on the protective inner as these could potentially weaken it.

How often do you have to replace? There is no legislation governing an expected lifespan but it is strongly recommended that you replace at least every 2 years, particularly if they are in daily use. If there is any damage that’s more than superficial you should replace immediately and the same goes if you do have any kind of impact.

How much can I expect to pay for one? Usually anywhere between £10 and £15 depending on the manufacturer / brand.

Do PPE Work Solutions supply baseball cap hard hats? Yes we certainly do sell a range of bump caps from brands Delta Plus, Blackrock Workwear and Beechfield. From basic ones through to hi visibility we have you covered. See our range of bump caps here.