Best Builders Gloves

February 07, 2022

Best Builders Gloves

A common question we get asked is “What are the best work gloves for a builder?”. My usual reply is “Try a couple and see what you like best”. The problem these days is that there are literally hundreds of types of safety gloves on the market from countless brands. So which ones do you try out? Well I’ll throw my 2 pence into the ring with some of the best that I believe you will find available.

Before I start I just want to make clear that by builder I’m talking about guys carrying out tasks such as bricklaying, groundworks, scaffolding, labouring and related construction trades.

Two of the most sought-after qualities in gloves for these sorts of jobs are abrasion resistance and a good grip. So, I will be concentrating mainly on these attributes.



Showa 310 Builders Safety Gloves

Showa 310 Grip Gloves

as one of the market leaders in the uk its safe to say you are in good hands when it comes to showa products. the 310 is well known for offering an excellent level of grip, this is down to the rough texture of the palm coating. whilst it doesn’t offer the highest level of abrasion with a score of 2 out of 4 it does however fair well when it comes to tear resistance scoring a perfect 4 out of 4 on the en388 scale

here is some feedback we recently received from alan rundle from potts pro builders:

“Great gloves! You can’t go far wrong when wearing showa. I always buy their gear and I’m never disappointed. The best thing about the 310 is the grip you get from the latex coating. I also wash them after heavy soiling and they don’t go stiff"





MaxiFlex Work Gloves

ATG 42-874 Ultimate Gloves.

A premium glove that packs a punch, the 42-874 as become one of our best-selling gloves here at PPE Work Solutions and for good reason. The abrasion resistance is up to 3 times longer lasting than traditional foam nitrile! The whole of the glove, back and front is fully breathable. It is optimised for grip due to its unique micro cup finish which allows for control in dry and oily conditions.

This is what one customer Mariusz Banasiak had to say:

“I do house refurbishments and have tried tonnes of work gloves! These are by far the best I've used, a friend in the building trade recommended them. The quality of fit is excellent, worth spending a few more quid than cheaper DIY store gloves - you will notice the difference! Durable and fit for most jobs you will come across as a builder, size is key - get the right size and it’s like having second-skin, I barely notice wearing them and get jobs done in no time and great protection. I've got a few pairs of these, funnily enough when there's other blokes on the job they tend to go walkies! Recommended”




Skytec Aria Builders Abrasive Gloves

Skytec Aria gloves.

The following is taken from the Skytec website:

In tests the Skytec Aria achieved a result of 25,000 abrasive cycles (EN388) making it a leader in its class for resistance to abrasion (only 8,000 cycles are required to achieve the maximum level of abrasion resistance under EN388)

Tbh this is seriously impressive stuff. If you are working with rough materials such as bricks and blocks, then this has to be a contender. On top of this it is extremely comfortable to wear and comes with moisturevap technology offering 360 degrees breathability!

Eddie Dugan a contractor from Essex said:

“I was using a cheaper version of this glove for several years thinking i was saving money. A friend of mine lent me a pair of these on a site in Rochester. How wrong I was, buying cheap is false economy. These lasted three times longer and were not three times the price. The bonus is that they are genuinely a pleasure to wear. Light and thin but still protective. As a builder you can’t ask for more from your work gloves.”




These are some of the best out there but as I previously said these days there are a huge number to choose from and things are always developing and moving forward. Check out our full range of Builders Gloves.