Testing ProDec Products

April 14, 2018 3 min read

Testing ProDec Products

A Guest Blog Post by Henry Fix

We have honed our decorating kit over the years down to the essential tools and equipment we believe are the best for the work we do. That does not mean we are not open to trying out new or different products, so we were delighted when PPE Work Solutions (PWS) asked us to test a few of their decorating tools from the ProDec range. 

Here are our first impressions of eight products from the ProDec range:

prodec shave hook

Shave Hook

We often use a shave hook for removing paint from awkward areas. It's a basic, but essential tool for decorators. This ProDec one is sharp and sturdy and feels well-made. We can't complain when it is priced at £6.99. We've carried on using this after testing and it's still performing well. For a couple of quid extra, there is a rubber-handled version, which is worth the extra cost.


prodec dusting brush

Dusting Brush

The good ol' dusting brush. This is essential on all jobs (and no, a dustpan brush or a broom is not good enough!). The ProDec one we tested is good quality with perfectly soft bristles. Personally, I prefer a longer handle, but this one is great for the price: £6.59. It has held up well over a number of jobs, with no problems.


prodec paint brush holder

Magnetic Paint Brush Holder

A little superstar. We have always liked these and use them a lot to prevent brushes from falling in paint. These ProDec ones are the best and priced only at £3.59. They have an integral paint can opener (which we didn't realise for quite a while!). Also, red and black are our brand colours. Bonus!


prodec scuttle

5 litre Scuttle

Another essential in the decorator's kit. Marked in litres and gallons, this is a decent size for cutting in and can be used for brushes and mini rollers. Works great with the magnetic clip. As good as you could expect for the price: £5.59. We have plenty on our van and wouldn't be without them.


 prodec tac cloths

Tack Cloths

These were not as tacky as we hoped and we wouldn't buy these particular ones again. They might be good enough for DIY use, but not for a professional decorator who needs them to work efficiently and with minimal effort. We found we had to use multiple cloths for a task that would usually only need one. Not great for the work budget.


 heavy duty scraper

Heavy Duty Scraper

The blade in the one we tested didn't sit quite right, but it worked adequately enough under our testing conditions. Probably would not purchase this at the high price point of £15.99 as it feels and looks a bit cheap compared to other scrapers on the market. 



Masking Paper Roll

This is something we use every day for masking of floors, fixtures and appliances such as cooker hoods. Masking paper is essential for any sort of spraying work. This particular one is a thinner grade paper that what we're used to and the price is higher, so we've marked it down in our testing. If it was cheaper, it would have scored higher. Also, used in conjunction with a handmasker and tape, it is an odd length (55m) (most tapes are 50m). 


Swivel Paint Pot Holder

This is surprisingly sturdy and well-made. It does exactly what it's suppose to - which is fix your paint kettle to a ladder allowing safe, hands-free work. It will come into its own in the exterior painting season. Great price at £4.69.


Have you used any of the ProDec range? Tag us @henryfix_ on Twitter and let us know which ones are your favourites.


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