Site Work Trousers

October 10, 2018 5 min read

Mens Site Work Trousers

Whether you are a sparky, plumber, general labourer or any of the multiple trades that work in the construction industry you will need to have a good and trusty pair of building site work trousers to see you through your busy and demanding days. Unlike regular pants work trousers have to be made to withstand excesses in twisting, stretching, crawling in tight spaces and generally more exaggerated movements.

Therefore, it’s essential that you find the right pair for the job. To help you find your perfect trouser, we have put this comprehensive guide together, showcasing the best that we have to offer in terms of men’s workwear clothing as well as some great tips for you to consider before making a purchase.

First off, this write-up is for industrial work trousers not office dwelling pants. So, if you’re a pen pushing chair dweller: be on your way, tootle pip! (I say as I write this from my own office desk). Now, if you are a working man that spends his or her days out on the construction sites of Britain as a tiler, sprayer, painter, carpenter, general builder, brickie, scaffolder…… and so on. This one’s for you 😊.


Some Top Tips to get started:

  1. A little basic I suppose but consider the colour trousers you are after. If you are looking for an extreme green with a hint of fluorescent pink you will find yourself a little limited when it comes to choice. Black and Navy are the most popular colours and for one simple reason. Soiling! These colours hide stains and dirt better than any other. If you’re in the painting and decorating trade you may opt for some white workwear to match your industry image, which is great because there is an absolute tonne of workwear clothing dedicated to all you painters out there.
  2. Pockets. You will commonly see guys walking around site and their work trousers will be dripping with flappy pockets, side pockets, cargo pockets, ruler, pen, mobile phone and tape measure pockets. Nothing wrong with this in the slightest, as long as you have the tools and fixings to make best use of them. However, if all you carry is a pencil and a tape measure it may be better to opt for an alternative. All that extra pockatage will just add additional weight and cost, if you don’t need em don’t get em.
  3. One of the most commonly searched for features on a pair of trousers is the kneepad pockets. Originally designed for carpet fitters and floor layers to help protect their knees whilst working on hard surfaces, they are also ideal for scores of other trades including chippy’s, electricians and landscape gardeners. Here comes the top tip! if you spend time up a ladder for long periods kneepads can be surprisingly helpful as a cushion against the metal frame. So, if you are the type of guy who likes to writhe about on the floor or be up with the gods, double check that you have these on your site trousers. One more point before I move on, they come in two varieties: internal loading and external. The ones you pop inside are mad from a soft cushioning foam and the outer one’s strap round your leg and are generally harder wearing been made from tough plastics or gel filled materials.

Ok, let’s look at some of the best site trousers we have to offer here at PWS:


Blackrock Workman Trousers:

Blackrock Workman Trousers for use on Construction SItes


The most popular trouser we have ever stocked here (by a country mile). We have sold thousands and people just can’t get enough of these. Available in 3 colours: Black, Navy, and Black / Grey. They come with lots of pockets for all your bits and bobs and have triple stitching in high stress areas including the crotch area (no more embarrassing ripping sound as you squat down a little too vigorously). They are a mid-weight trouser and can be worn all year round in comfort. Coming in at around the £20 mark at the time of writing, they give excellent value for your hard-earned pound. Finally, we hardly ever get a pair of these returned, which is a great yard-stick for quality.


ProDec Painters Trouser

ProDec Painters Site Pants


These white trousers are made from a robust mix of polyester and cotton and are given a stain resistant treatment to keep them looking fresh for longer. They look the business with grey accents in high stress areas which will help hide soil marks and stains. All the seams are triple stitched making them ultra-robust and they come with kneepad pockets, perfect when glossing the skirting boards! A handy feature that is great for all you painters and decorators and anyone working with messy materials is the wipe mate. This handy cloth can be buttoned on giving a great place to clean off excess mess such as paint and silicone. Once its fully soiled just toss away and replace!


Uneek UC901 Pants

Men's Work Wear Trousers


Does it have cargo pockets? No.
Does it have Kneepad pockets? No.
Does it have flappy pockets? No.
Does it have a hammer loop or dedicated mobile phone pocket? No.

 “So why the eck his he showcasing these?”.

Well, if you don’t carry tools in your pockets, say you wear a tool belt, all that additional fabric is just weighing you down. If you want a simple pair of lightweights to feel comfy in, then hey presto don’t be fooled into the hotshot pants with all the pockets grab a pair of these. 2nd reason why these are a winner is PRICE. At the time of print these are about £13 quid. Let me repeat, just £13 quid!


Result-Work Guard Sabre Stretch Trousers

Site Work Wear Trousers for Men by Result Work Guard


Hands down the coolest name on this list ‘Sabre’. These work trousers are a great looking pair and come in black or navy. A mid to heavyweight 290gsm these are made from a tough polycotton with a hardwearing finish. What I particularly like about these, is that they are made with 3% elastane which makes them a stretchy fabric. If you work in cramped spaces, tight holes or you do a lot of lunging, stretching and twisting these are absolutely perfecto for you. They come with a good number of pockets too and can be washed at up to 60 degrees.


Result-Safe Guard Hi Vis Recovery Trousers

Hi Vis Work Trousers


Last on the list but by no means least we have this high visibility offering. Choose between fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow. These are particularly prized by recovery drivers, railway workers and highways agency staff. The go to pair of site work trousers for night shifts or for use in other low light conditions. The orange version conforms to GO/RT 3279 Class 2. Features on these include contrasting black patch kneepad pockets, elasticated waistband, cargo pockets and a handy hammer / tool loop.


That’s it chaps, thanks for reading our guide on work trousers for construction / building sites. Feel free to leave a comment or if you require any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If none of the pants listed above are right look at our full range of work trousers.

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