Blackrock Drift Safety Trainers


  • STYLE AND ENGINEERING: Blackrock's Drift Safety Trainer is engineered with the lightweight feel and breathability of a day-to-day running shoe while being 100% genuinely certified with all the safety features that keep your feet protected at work, the moisture-wicking mesh maximises airflow and lets your feet breathe, keeping them cool even in warm conditions, and the protective toe cap and midsole prevent injuries from falling objects from above and sharp objects from below
  • PROTECTIVE STEEL TOE CAP: The steel toe cap protects against impact from falling objects and compression up to 200 Joules, keeping your toes safe against injury, that’s the equivalent of dropping a 20kg weight from a height of 1m or a weight of 1.5 tonnes - the average weight of a car in the UK - resting on the toe area
  • PROTECTIVE LIGHTWEIGHT MIDSOLE: The trainers are designed to give a high level of protection while being lightweight and easy on your feet, a thin yet super strong plate of puncture-proof non-metallic material runs the length of the sole and protects against objects like nails, tacks, glass, and other sharp objects penetrating your foot from below, guarding against serious injury
  • ANTI-SLIP PU SOLE: Featuring a non-slip anti-skid tread pattern plus resistance to grease and fuel oil, the Drift sole is made from hardwearing dual-density PU to prevent slips and trips and keep you on your feet, plus, it’s anti-static to minimise any danger of electrostatic charge build-up
  • SAFETY RATING: S1-P SRC: At Blackrock, we pride ourselves on "Keeping You On Your Feet", our footwear is rigorously tested by CTC and is certified to the highest level of slip resistance, check the Declaration of Conformity in the image gallery, which includes the certificate number