Blackrock Tactical Marshal Hiker Boots


Blackrock's Tactical and Emergency Service Boots are designed to protect those who protect us. Offering classic looks and impressive feature lists and functionality.

The Tactical Marshal Hiker Boot (OF02)

A non-safety occupational style, the Marshal Hiker is fully non-metallic and
features a midsole to protect the foot against objects that penetrate from below.
With Blackrock’s UK HSL GRIP 4 rated HexaGrip sole giving market-leading slip
resistance, it is ideal for personnel who are not required to wear safety footwear as
part of their uniform.

  • Lightweight 
  • 300°C heat resistant, anti-slip, anti-static and
    fuel oil resistant PU/rubber sole
  • EaziStep padded insole made from breathable PU and
    mesh for comfort
  • GRIP level 4 HexaGrip technology for ultra-non-slip sole


  • Leather waterproof upper
  • PU/rubber sole
  • Non-metallic woven midsole

Typical Industries

  • Emergency Services
  • Transport
  • Prison Service
  • Security
  • Couriers/postal workers


EN20347 03 WR FO HRO SRC