Delta Plus Diamond VI Baseball Reversible Hard Hat


These hard hats are designed with safety in mind. If you are required to a hard hat, then this is suitable. Tested to the highest standards. Premium ABS vented safety helmet. Innovative “baseball cap” shape to improve vision when looking up. Tested in normal wearing and reverse wearing to reduce encumbrance. Polyamide cradle: 3 textile straps with 8 fixing points. Foam sweat band. Adjustable ROTOR system : head sizes 53 to 64 cm. 2 possible positions of the headband (top/low) for a better comfort

  • Approved to: EN397:2012 + A1:2012
  • ANSI-ISEA Z89.1:2014
  • Vented helmet Breathability that allows comfortable extended wearing
  • Wider shell and bigger headband Suitable for all face types with improved ergonomics
  • Short curved peak Better vertical field of view for more safety
  • Also certified for reverse wearing Maximum field of vision without visor
  • One-D Rotor ergonomic clamping system One-handed adjustment with or without gloves
  • 2 headband settings (high / low) Universal fit
  • Polyamide cradle : 3 fabric bands with 8 attachment points
  • The Iconic helmet in construction and industry with its unique design.