ProDec Advance 3pc Ice Fusion Brush Set with 3" Brush


  • 1 1/2" , 2", and 3" Brushes
  • Pure Synthetic Filaments for a professional finish
  • For use with all paints - especially suited to emulsion and water-based gloss
  • Superb durability
New Ice Fusion brush – unique Shard filaments with Form Recovery Technology –
"We know of course that only testing by pros can put a brush properly through its paces, so we’ve done extensive trials during development in partnership with The Decorator’s Forum, and we’re very excited by their feedback. The Decorators Forum is a respected industry group of over 12,000 pros who share decorating advice, tips and knowledge, and their testing panel rated the Ice Fusion brush so highly that they’ve given it their formal endorsement – the only paintbrush to have achieved this."