Showa 306 Fully Coated Waterproof Latex Grip Breathable Work Gloves


What workers want is a pair of safety gloves that can perform in all conditions. No one wants to be changing to a different pair for a different application! Enter the Showa 306. A glove that can be worn in warm conditions as well as for wet work. But how is this achieved. The answer is in the impressive technology. The glove retains breathability due to the aerated latex foam full coating and it is this same coating that also repels ingress of liquids due to its waterproof properties.

The palm as been given a textured finish to improve grip and overall the work glove is very comfortable with excellent dexterity and flexibility which can often be hard to achieve with a fully coated glove. The 306 can also be washed up to 3 times with absolutely no loss in its performance.

Liner: Nylon/Polyester
Coating: Latex
Colour: Blue/Black
Length: 240 - 270mm (Dependant on size)

Abrasion resistance 2 (Out of 4)
Cut resistance 1 (Out of 5)
Tear resistance 2 (Out of 4)
Puncture resistance 1 (Out of 4)