Univet 546 UV525 Protection Anti Fog Specs Orange Lens


  • Extremely lightweight (Just 25 grams) and modern spectacle with a sporty line
  • Wraparound polycarbonate lens with integrated side shields
  • Temples equipped with overmoulding technology, guaranteed excellent fit and comfort
  • Non-slip rubber nose pad
  • Univets unique advanced double coating technology
  • Anti fog plus
  • Anti-scratch plus
  • UV525 protection
  • Conforms to EN166 EN170
  • Protection against high-speed particles - low energy (F)
  • Protection against high-speed particles at extreme temperatures (T)
  • Resistance to fogging of oculars (N)
  • Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K)

The Lens: ORANGE UV525 blocking lens

  • Protection against impacts & UV radiations
  • Protects against blue light up to 525nm
  • Enhance the contrast in low light contrast
  • Applications: Mechanical work, surface inspection, ultra-violet light, vulcanization, work with curing light lamp