Univet 5X4 Italian Style Safety Glasses Anti Glare Flash Mirror Lens


The 5X4 safety glasses from Univet are so featherweight you may forget your actually wearing them! The sleek design was crafted in Italy and is a part of the award winning X-Generation series of eye protection. The lens is anti-scratch and as wraparound panoramic vision. The soft nose pad is anallergic and non-slip.


  • UV400 protection
  • Conforms to EN166, EN170, EN172
  • Protection against high-speed particles - low energy (F)
  • Protection against high-speed particles at extreme temperatures (T)

The Lens: CLEAR POLYCARBONATE - The clear vision lens.

  • Protects against impacts and UV radiations
  • Can be used for prolonged periods as it does not create distortion or fatigue
  • No colour distortion
  • Applications: Mechanical work in good visibility conditions
  • Flash mirror version (FM) gives protection from glare