Can Safety Glasses be used for Cycling?

February 21, 2023

Safety Glasses for Cycling

Cycling glasses come in a huge range of styles and colours with a whole host of features available to make your ride a more pleasant one. Protecting your peepers is very important when out on the road or on the track and some of these modern cycling specs can set you back a fair penny or two. So, is there any alternatives to these high cost offerings? Well yes there is!

Safety glasses that are commonly used in the construction trade come with many of the same specifications and features of cycling glasses and can often be much better value. “But they look pants” I hear you say! Well yes I admit 10 plus years ago safety glasses were indeed a bit boring and basic it’s true, but things have definitely changed in recent times. The whole construction and work wear industry has been transitioning to a much more fashion conscious approach and this includes work specs too. You can now pick up some really cool safety glasses that look and operate like regular sunglasses and cycle glasses. Brands that are leading the way include Univet, Bolle and Uvex.

Man wearing cycling glasses standing with bike

Here are some of the features you generally find with safety glasses that transfer well onto a pair of cycling glasses:

  • UV protection. The vast majority of safety specs are made from polycarbonate which as natural in built UV ray protection against bright sunlight and glare. Safety glasses can be purchased in a wide array of lens colours, which can offer different levels of UV protection. Clear, smoke sunglasses, mirrored versions, yellow, blue and orange lenses are all available.
  • Wraparound design, side-arm and brow guard protection offers workers extra protection. This transfers beautifully for cyclists aiming to protect against flying stones thrown up by cars, insects and general riding crud that you come across.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fogging lenses are a common features of a safety spec and will come in handy on your bike ride.
  • Adjustable arms in length and inclination help with a better fit.
  • You can also find a huge range of safety over spectacles that are perfect for cyclists who wear prescription glasses.

Some other things to look out for:

Looks and style are great and you should make sure your happy with what you’re wearing, but for me COMFORT IS KING! You should ensure that your glasses sit perfectly on your face and don’t rub or slip. Things to look out for are: non-slip nose pieces, these are often made from silicon or rubber. The same applies with the side arms. Also check on the weight, the lighter, the better. The ideal is to be protected whilst feeling like you’re not even wearing glasses.

Here are some of our top picks:


Univet 5X3 Safety Sunglasses

Cycling Safety 5X3 Glasses

These come with a stylish wraparound lens which will keep your eyes protected from the elements of wind, rain and sunlight (They are UV400 rated). The lens has been treated with Univets unique Vanguard technology which offers outstanding performance levels of scratch and mist resistance. The soft nose piece helps with comfort and stops the glasses slipping out of place.


The 5X9E ultra-light goggle with clear lens

Cycling Goggles with Clear Lens

Ok, not technically a pair of glasses these are goggles with an elasticated strap and full seal soft fitting frame. If you are on particularly muddy, dusty or rocky terrain with chips and debris spewing into your face then a pair of these may be just what you’re after. Ultra-lightweight at just 44grams they offer full 360 degrees eye protection. Sweat can’t roll from your forehead into your eyes and projectiles will not come in from around the sides or underneath. They offer UV380 protection and come with very high levels of anti-scratch and anti-fog due to the in-built ventilation system.


G15 Lens solar cycling glasses

G15 Solar Lens Glasses

This 5X8 model is extremely popular. It comes with a unique soft pad technology developed in Italy, which allow the frame and soft nose piece to rest perfectly against every face type with outstanding levels of comfort. The lens is solar G15 which offers excellent Ultra-violet ray protection and is very relaxing over long use periods. Made from a curved piece of polycarbonate that gives an uninterrupted panoramic view. This is all topped off with a comfortable non-slip fit.


6X1 Hybrid Glasses / Goggles

Cycling Glasses Hybrid Design

This unique design allows the user to switch between side arms (glasses) and an elasticated strap (goggle) based on the riding conditions. The lens is a smoke solar sunglass which gives UV protection as well as a very high level of fog and scratching resistance, having been treated with Vanguard Plus coating technology.


5X7 for use over prescription glasses

Cycling Glasses for use over prescription specs

If you wear regular glasses it can be difficult finding glasses for cycling. These over specs may be worth giving a shot. They come with an anti-glare lens that offers UV 400 protection. The arms can be adjusted in length and are designed in a way that stops the two sets of glasses coming into contact.


Bonus content: Tips on Lens Colours.

  • Clear: Outstanding clarity of vision, these can be used in the day when glare and bright sunlight are not an issue or on a night ride as sunglasses will diminish your view.
  • Solar / Sunglasses: These can offer excellent levels of contrast depth and are perfect for use on a sunny day.
  • Yellow and orange lens: These are beast used on over-cast days as they can make objects appear brighter in low light.
  • In / Out lens: These are given a multi-layer reflective coating which helps to reduce glare in bright light conditions.

Accessories for Cycling Glasses:

Once you have decided on your cycling glasses, it’s important to look after them. We would advise on having a protective case when they are not in use and a soft microfibre cloth for keeping the lens clean.