Univet 5X9 Safety Glasses Sports Extreme G15 Smoke Lens


  • Univet project innovative design
  • Soft inner rubber for complete comfort
  • Integrated side shields with ventilation system
  • Vanguard Plus: Anti-scratch & Anti-Fog
  • G15 Lens
  • EN166

Vanguard Plus - A coating to ensure both scratch-proof and anti-fog proof on both sides, with K and N certification. The coating guarantees anti-fog properties 5 times higher than the norms and abrasion resistance more than twice the EN166 standard.

The Lens: G15 - The natural vision solar lens

  • Solar lens designed on the basis of the spectral luminous efficiency curve of the human eye
  • Very relaxing
  • Perfect colour recognition (TSR)
  • Applications: Outdoor work, construction sites, road works, driving vehicles