Univet 601 High Performance Welding Goggles IR5 Shade 5 Lens


The Univet 601 welding goggle is a versatile piece of kit: It comes with indirect ventilation system and a acetate lens. The lens as excellent resistance against attack by chemicals or solvents and full UV protection. A fully adjustable headband is connected to a soft frame that distributes weight evenly across the face, making for a comfortable fit.

This goggle benefits from Vanguard Plus technology which offers superior anti-scratch and anti-fog properties.


  • UV380 protection
  • Conforms to EN166 EN169 EN175
  • Protection against droplets and splashes of liquids (3)
  • Protection against high-speed particles - medium energy (B)
  • Protection against large dust particles (>0.5 um) (4)
  • Protection against molten metals and hot solids (9)
  • Resistance to fogging of oculars (N)
  • Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K)

The Lens: IR5 Shade 5 Welding Lens

  • Protection against impacts, UV and infrared (IR) radiations and glare produced by welding processes
  • Applications: Gas Welding, flame cutting