Univet 6X3 Safety Goggles G15 Solar Lens


  • Panoramic lens can be perfectly worn over prescription glasses
  • Additional facial protection
  • Indirect ventilation system assures certified protection against drops and splashes
  • Impact resistance at 432 km/h, even at extreme temperatures
  • Vanguard UDC coating, anti-scratch & anti-fog
Vanguard UDC - A separate and double coating. Flow coating inside and anti scratch outside, with exceptional performance and K and N certification. The coating guarantees anti-fog properties and superior abrasion resistance, ideal for the most hostile environments.

The Lens: G15 - The natural vision solar lens
  • Solar lens designed on the basis of the spectral luminous efficiency curve of the human eye
  • Very relaxing
  • Perfect colour recognition (TSR)
  • Applications: Outdoor work, construction sites, road works, driving vehicles
  • Field of use: 3 4 9